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United Bank For Africa Plc. Republique du Benin,
Remittance Department funds of International Transfer.
Address: 7741 unesvia Avenue kotoungbe rue cotonou.
Website www.ubagroup.com
Our Ref: 2494UBA5754


Your ATM Visa Card has been issued out this morning and the said Card
is available right now for immediate pick up by the rightful owner
which is you, your Visa Card is under my supervise, while the Pin Code
which you will use to access it is under the protection of the
Management for security reasons. be rest assured that United Bank for
Africa {UBA} has approved and upgraded your ATM Visa Card in your
favor this morning. The amount upgraded in is $8.7 million.

Official invitation have been extended to you to visit United Bank For
Africa {UBA} Republique du Benin and collect your ATM Visa Card and
Pin Code so that you will activate it by yourself and start
withdrawing Money/funds from any ATM Visa Machine in any part of the
World, but the amount you can withdraw per a day is $5,000usd as we
have programmed it.

Alternatively, if you are unable to visit United Bank for Africa
Republique du Benin for collection of your ATM Visa Card and Pin Code,
then you must therefore applied/comply for your ATM Visa Card to be
deliver to you via our Diplomatic Courier Service at your own expenses
by offsetting the following payments such as:

A) Shipment fee is $75.00 dollars.
B{ Insurance Fee 120.00

Your ATM Visa Card must be insured so that it can get to you without
any problem or diversion. This is because these ATM Visa Card can be
use to withdraw money/funds from any ATM Machine in any part of the
world. Your secret Pin Code will be given to you once you received the
Card from us for security reason, the payments sum of us$195.00
dollars must be paid to enable us shipped the ATM Visa Card to your
address to enable you Activate it once you received it and start
withdrawing us$5,000 dollars from any ATM Visa Machine in any part of
the world. Therefore, once we confirmed, you are ready for the
shipment, if you cannot come to United Bank for Africa Republique du
Benin for collection of your ATM Visa CARD, Indicated below are the
information of our accountant officer, use it to send the fee of $195
via Western union or Money Gram or RIA or WARI or WorldRemit or any of
the gifted cards.

Receiver Name: Pham Callen
Country: Republique du Benin
City: Abomey-Calavi
Amount: $195

Sender Name...........?

As soon as the fee is received, we shall immediately dispatch your ATM
Visa Card to your address, we are waiting for your quick reply.

Remain Bless for your Co-operating with us into (UBA).

Yours in service,
Mr. Davis Callen, Manager ATM Department
United Bank for Africa Republique du Benin
E-mail: ubagorupofbank@yahoo.co.jp
E-mail: uba.unitedbankforafrica@citromail.hu

Warning: the message above can be a phishing scam. See: legal notes