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Captain Manchester’s Magical Tombola

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Hi Mckinley,

The next draw of Captain Manchester’s Magical Tombola, sponsored by ZenOffice, will take place live at our 30th Birthday Party on Friday 7th February 2020.

The deadline to enter online is 12pm on Thursday 6th February.

For just £5, you could win:

A Holiday Destination of your choice - up to a value of £1,000. Two tickets for The Who on 16th March at Manchester Arena.Two Adult Weekend Tickets for Bluedot Festival 2020.Captain Manchester’s Mystery Prize.       
Click here for full details and terms and conditions of entry ( https://email-forevermanchester.com/557N-538Z-1X1I58-32NBR-0/c.aspx ).

BUY A TOMBOLA TICKET NOW!  ( https://email-forevermanchester.com/557N-538Z-1X1I58-35CYB-0/c.aspx )

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1ST PRIZE: A Holiday Destination of your choice – up to a value of £1,000!
This can be used on any trip from a city break to a ski holiday or perhaps you just want to relax in warmer climates and stay by a swimming pool for a few days!

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2ND PRIZE: Two Tickets for The Who on 16th March at Manchester Arena
Following their stunning return to Wembley Stadium in July, The Who are coming to Manchester Arena for 2020, along with a brand new studio album entitled ‘WHO’ – their first in thirteen years!

Kindly provided by Manchester Arena

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3RD PRIZE: Two Adult Weekend for Bluedot Festival 2020
Bluedot returns for another year to Jodrell Bank, the iconic observatory and heart of our quest for knowledge of the cosmos.

Bluedot invites you to camp out under the stars and to explore a stellar programme of music, science, arts, technology, culture, food and film.

Kindly provided by Ground Control UK

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4TH PRIZE: Captain Manchester’s Mystery Prize
It’s a mystery!! Who knows what the Captain has in mind

BUY A TOMBOLA TICKET NOW!  ( https://email-forevermanchester.com/557N-538Z-1X1I58-35CYG-0/c.aspx )

All proceeds from ticket sales go to Forever Manchester to fund and support community activity across Greater Manchester.

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