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Hi !

How much do you know about Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique? Julia
Cannon, Daughter of QHHT Founder, Dolores Cannon, recently launched a
Power Hour video series.

In one of the recent Live Power Hours Julia asked "What would you say to
your past self?" (You can check the video out here

Would you say that you are tuned-in to your inner self? Do you believe
in past lives? Have you heard of multi-dimensional realities?

QHHT has taught us so much about our existence and the influence past
and future lives have on our present life. The technique helps us to
truly listen to the answers and guidance offered by our subconscious or
higher self as we like to call it. :D

If you don't have time to tune into the Power Hour video, check out what
we learned from Julia's insights below.

If you are ready to learn to deepen the connection with your own
Greater Self and begin guiding those around you to do the same, I invite
you to explore the online QHHT course
. Please let
me know if you have any questions. Julia also wanted me to share an
enrollment code to help you get started on this transformational
journey. Use the code 'LotsofLove' when you checkout for the online


Reason for being
At this moment, what do you think your reason for being is. When you
reconnect and look within your heart, you know what your reason and
purpose is. You have the ability to bring your reason out. By getting to
know and understand your reason, you can outwardly express itself. You
can become more fulfilled and can fulfill those around you. How is your
true purpose manifesting?

Tapping further into your Reason
Today is as good of a day as ever to step out of your conscious mind and
into your reason. Share your purpose. Let it manifest more fully. Treat
your life with a constant appreciation of your purpose.

Not everyone has to understand your purpose or to be pleased by it.
Please your inner self by fulfilling your purpose.

Advancing into Togetherness, Self-expression and Creativity in the 5D
This new world gives us space to express ourselves. We are in an ideal
atmosphere to connect with others through our greater purpose. We are in
a perfect environment

A Message from Julia's Inner Self: You have the Power to Channel your
Inner Being
Channeling your inner self is very personal. Allowing that bigger part
of yourself to shine through is a beautiful, free-flowing feeling. The
only restrictions to this are those that we create in our minds.

Channeling your greater self may feel weird at first. This is because of
inhibition that is born within your mind. Let yourself shine through in
a natural way. Turn off the inhibition or the limits you have set in
your mind.

It is not work. It is love and gratitude.. It is all feeling and
vibration. As you really feel and are moved by the inner heart of
gratitude, you will find more and more to fully appreciate. The grateful
heart is big and beautiful.

The Beauty of Abundance
Abundance arrives in your life when you allow it to come into your life.
Broadening your view of what abundance is enables it to come into your
life. Abundance is not money. It is gratitude.

Abundance is the ability to see things in a different light. It allows
you to come from a high-vibrational energetic level. It allows you to
see a bigger picture and to manifest your own destiny. This creativity
is a source of abundance. Trust this. Trust is another form of

Loosening up from negative feelings. Allow your form of abundance to
flow in. It may show itself as creativity, passion, trust or

Bringing your ideas into the Physical
Take small steps to write your ideas down. Share them. Tell a friend
that you are going to follow through with this idea. Hold yourself
accountable. Allow yourself to move forward with your idea without
self-criticism or judgment. Flow through them with heart-felt passion.

Allow the heart to drive you forward. Keep a wide perspective when
implementing your ideas. Accept in abundance in whatever form it
manifests in.

Understanding the job of the Conscious mind
The conscious mind has a valuable job. It regulates your impulses. It is
not intended to prevent you from connecting with your inner self. Your
conscious mind is necessary. It gives you the ability to evaluate your
inner drive and impulses. Without the conscious mind, we would not be
able to evaluate the messages and impulses that are brought to us from

There is a necessary union between the conscious and unconscious mind or
Greater Self. Allow the two to work together. You, through your
consciousness, are the expression of the greater you!

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F&%#
Loosen up and really thinking reminds you that the present is what
really matters. The past brings on depression, the future brings on
anxiety, the present brings on appreciation, love and gratitude. In the
present, things make so much more sense. Living here, fully, you're
able to see alignment and connections without feelings that live in our
pasts or future.

Leaving a Lasting Legacy in an Uninhibited Way
We can all create things that are lasting. We have it in us. We can make
an impact. We can manifest our energy and passion in a way that is never
erased. From Stonehenge to Machu Picchu and other ancient structures, we
see that energy that went into these physical structures continues to
positively impact humankind and curiosity even today. You can manifest
your energy in this way by creating something beautiful every day. This
can be physical

Exploring Curiosity
A know-it-all attitude is a sign of a closed mind. Keeping a child-like
curiosity keeps your mind open.    

Visualize Bedtime as Vacation Time
Charge up your energy as you sleep. Appreciate this opportunity to walk
through this doorway each night. Sleep is a primer for what is coming
next in your life. Consider how valuable the time leading up to sleep
truly. Like attracts like. Attach yourself to positive influences and to
things you are passionate about before bedtime. The things you allow in,
especially in this highly impactful time before rest, manifest in your

Dreaming shows a Desire for Higher Awareness
Dreams are an attempt to understand what the higher self is doing during
the rest state. This shows a conscious desire to be awakened to what
your higher self is doing. Your higher self is always exploring and
working. As your body rests, your curious consciousness often goes on a
quest to connect with the higher self on its journey.

Living an Unfiltered Experience
Going into a perfect brainwave state is a grand-slam way to experience
this unfiltered life. Once you have experienced this in a guided
fashion, you retain the ability to go back to this practice of living an
unfiltered, uninhibited life. Practice allows you the chance to
understand the process, to see the beautiful effects and to feel the
exhilaration of living without filters.

The Evolution  of the Judgmental Voice
In primitive times, the voice of reason manifested to protect mankind
from physical threats. This judgment voice was extremely necessary. We
can appreciate this voice for what it is. The Judgmental voice has

Imagine having a Conversation with your Past Self: Allow yourself to
What would you tell the version of yourself from one year ago? Would you
explain that strange things would happen? Would things look alien from
then to now?

The past you may question whether the present you is real. The past you
may see the present you as unfathomable and unreal. Open your present
mind. Imagine that the future you is trying to speak to the "Now" you.
It is. Allow yourself to listen.

Things try to convince us that we are Vulnerable
We are not vulnerable. Our Greater Self knows that we are invincible. We
are great and powerful beings. Seeing your greatness is necessary to be
your greatness. When the body is connected to its true self, it
understands what it is and who it is. These bodies were designed to do
anything. A belief system is in charge of how invincible we are. The
only thing that controls what the body is capable of, is the mind. If we
realize that we are strong, powerful, invincible and here for a greater
purpose, that is how it is.

It is up to you. Do not let anyone else control it. That is your free
will. You choose whether or not you fulfill your invincibility.

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Lots of love always!

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