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Weekly Compilation of News and Articles Foodsafetyhelpline.com



Food Industry This Week – New Product Launches & Expansions

Goodwyn Tea, one of India’s leading premium tea brands has recently launched its Diwali 2019 Collection. They have adopted a new bespoke festive approach and managed to create a sophisticated, yet budget-friendly gifting option for the festive season....

FSSAI’s Special Drive for Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses

FSSAI had launched a special drive for Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses vide letter dated 1 July 2019. States and Union Territories had been directed to take up this special drive...

Dr Harsh Vardhan Launches FSSAI’s ‘Trans Fat Free’ Logo

Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Dr Harsh Vardhan formally launched FSSAI’s “Trans Fat Free” logo at the 8th International Chefs Conference organised in Aero City, New Delhi on 4 October 2019....

FSSAI Clarifies Requirement for both BIS Mark and FSSAI Licence for Packaged and Natural Mineral Water

Through an advisory issued on 7 October 2019 the FSSAI has brought to the notice that packaged and natural mineral water is being sold in the open market without BIS Certification mark....

FSSAI Committed to Ensure Safe Milk and Milk Products for Consumers

Through a letter dated 24 September 2019 the FSSAI has directed all Commissioners of Food Safety of all States and UTs as well as all Central Licensing Authorities to ensure the availability of safe milk and milk products to all consumers in the country....

Old is Gold : All time favourite from our archives

Bakery Products Are a Big Gifting Trend during Diwali but Are they Safe?

Traditional Indian sweets have lost their popularity as a Diwali gifting option and have been replaced by bakery products like biscuits, cakes, fancy cookies, doughnuts, and pastries....

Are the Chocolates We Consume Contaminated or Adulterated?

Chocolates may be regarded as the world’s most popular snack food. An average American consumes over 4kg of chocolate annually, while in Switzerland, the world’s leading chocolate producer, a Swiss consumes over double...

Check Milk & Milk Products for Adulterants with simple tests at Home

Festivals are always celebrated with sweets and various food products. However, since food adulteration is at its peak during the festive season, we have come up with a list of doable tests....


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