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Some critics cite a growing nuclear stockpile as another indicator of a looming arms race. But the size and age of the U.S. nuclear weapons...

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** U.S. Nuclear Force Modernization Must Happen
Some critics cite a growing nuclear stockpile as another indicator of a looming arms race. But the size and age of the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile is at the lowest level of warheads since the late 1950s. With Russia and China still posing an existential threat to the United States, and North Korea and Iran eager to become strategic nuclear powers, nuclear modernization is a top item on America’s defense policy and spending agenda.
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** China Expanding South China Sea Military Assets
China’s military increased both warship and warplane missions in the South China where two U.S. aircraft carriers recently conducted operations to bolster international rights to the seas there. “We’re seeing larger number of aircraft, larger number of ships available to the Chinese military and being utilized on a daily basis,” said Rear Adm. Doug Verissimo. China has claimed 90% of the South China Sea as its maritime territory, a claim rejected by an international tribunal several years ago.

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** Data Privacy Legislation
Proposal (HB 969) is intended to allow consumers to request to delete or correct certain personal information, require businesses to allow consumers to “opt out” of the sale of personal information to third parties and give the attorney general the ability to take action over violations of the proposed consumer protections. “Big tech platforms have created a surveillance economy which enriches those platforms by free riding on consumer data,” said Florida Governor DeSantis.
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** Approval for More Construction on U.S. Embassy
The Jerusalem Regional Planning Committee approved plans to expand the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum said: "We are thrilled that after two years of careful planning and coordination, the regional committee for building and planning has approved the plans. ”The new US embassy compound and the development of the current one will bring jobs to the neighborhood and economic development to the South part of the city," she said.

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** China Coast Guard to Use Force
Xi Jinping has a new law that authorizes the coastguard to use force against foreign ships in places China defines as in its own. Xi’s boldness with the coastguard shows that he’s ratcheting up the risk he’s willing to take in confronting other nations and using the levers he has to project Chinese power. It signals that the Chinese state will ignore international law of the sea and international tribunal rulings.
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** Syrian Loses Job Due to Cross Necklace
A Syrian Christian claims that he lost his job at a warehouse in Sweden after he was asked by company management to take off a cross necklace and refused. The claims come just months after a student at a Swedish school claimed he had been told to take off his cross necklace for a class photograph, while other students were permitted to wear hijabs.

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** China Becomes Europe's Main Trading Partner
China dethroned the U.S. last year to become Europe's top trading partner for the first time, according to data from the European statistics office. European Union exports to China grew by 2.2% last year and imports rose by 5.6%. "The reason behind it is clearly the fact that China/Asia is the only region going through a nice V-shaped recovery," ING Germany economist Carsten Brzeski said.
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