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OFFICE OF JP MONFORT | Building 200 Presidential Teams | www jpmonfort
Meetings Begin Q3 2019 at Hotel Imperial Royale in Kampala
+256(0)417111000 Email information@irh.co.ug Website www.imperialhotels.co.ug/imperialroyalehotel.html
Ugandans Are Welcome, We Will Be Waiting for You
have invited you to join the Presidential team in your country. J.P.Monfort is
currently setting up 200 presidential teams worldwide, inviting and nominating
thousands of top-notch Experts in order to build multidisciplinary teams
that will meet once a month and construct creative, imaginative, prospective and
analytical policymaking proposals. Please remain patient and refer to the
following two introductory articles published on The Huffington Post "Why
I Embrace Integration"
and "Fiction
For more information read The
Monfort Plan summary.
Congratulations on the nomination to join your country's most prestigious team,
you are one of your country's best Experts and a potential crew member in the
World's most revolutionary journey towards the best possible future, a
borderless World of Eutopia and Cornucopia.  You may now
open the
World Map of Fiction States.
confirm your Nomination to the Presidential Team send your Resume to confirm
(at) jpmonfort (dot) eu. More from our side very soon. Please remain
message and any attachment are confidential and may be privileged or otherwise
protected from disclosure. If you are not the intended recipient, please delete
this message and any attachment from your system. If you are not the intended
recipient you must not copy this message or attachment or disclose the contents
to any other person. The intended recipient should be a dreamer who loves and a
lover who dreams. You are receiving this communication because you have been
identified as an Expert in your area of activity. If you no longer wish to
receive communications from this Office, please send an empty email with the
email address you wish to remove in the subject field to remove (at) jpmonfort
(dot) us