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My name is Jabari Brisport (http://jabariforstatesenate.com) and I'm a public school teacher, activist, and union-member running to be the next State Senator in District 25.

I'm a proud Caribbean-American, with roots in Guyana, who's lived in this community my whole life. I know that working-class people’s lives have gotten harder, even as storefronts and real estate developments in our neighborhoods have gotten fancier. Our elected leaders have let corporate interests buy up whole neighborhoods, force people out of their homes, and segregate our schools. They’ve watched while our family and friends have been bankrupted by medical debt and done nothing.

As a teacher, I work not only to teach my students, but to protect them. I end every class by urging them to stay safe. They know I don’t just mean from COVID-19. I'm speaking to them as someone who grew up right where they did — as someone who knows how hard it is to face the threat of police violence, constantly rising housing costs, and an eroding social safety net.

But I want to see a Brooklyn that works for all of us, not just the wealthy. I’m fighting for real changes for the working class — rent control, universal health care, a Homes Guarantee, and quality, fully funded schools where every student gets a good education, no matter where they live. I’m fighting to protect our communities by divesting from the NYPD and investing in the social programs that keep us safe and help us thrive, like education and health care. And I’m fighting for a Green New Deal for New York that creates thousands of new jobs and a liveable world for our children.

But I’m not just hoping these things will happen. I am the candidate with the most robust policy platform (https://jabariforstatesenate.com/platform/) in this race. I also know our movement of working-class New Yorkers can make these goals a reality. I am so proud to be endorsed by the Working Families Party, Unite Here Local 100, Democratic Socialists of America, New York Communities for Change, U.S. Congressmember Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and many more (https://jabariforstatesenate.com/endorsements/) . Working together with these incredible groups and advocates, I know that we can change Albany and win the fight for a more equitable future.

There’s a lot at stake in this primary. It will determine whether we will fight against austerity, and for working-class Brooklynites, or whether we will acquiesce to the status-quo. The best way to support this movement is by voting today. The polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and you can find your poll site here (https://nyc.pollsitelocator.com/search) .

Let's vote for a better New York.

Jabari Brisport
Candidate for New York State Senate District 25
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