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Believe it or not, EVERY desire uttered or unexpressed is a demand…

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Lavina, God Is In The Supplying Your Demand Business Of Blessing Your Life!

"Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation." (Isaiah 12:2)

Dear Lavina,  

Believe it or not, EVERY desire uttered or unexpressed is a demand…

Lavina, ever since I told you DON’T LET HIM (the enemy) GET IN YOUR HEAD, the Holy Spirit has placed this incredible word on my heart for you during this 25 (days) to MORE LIFE anointing. You see, Lavina, you came to earth for an experience! Believe it or not, you set yourself up in the plot that you are currently in. If you are experiencing limitation, it’s only because you limited yourself.

The bottom line is you wrote the current script of your life.

Your thinking ultimately plays a major role in this plot. This may sound strange, Lavina, however many of us are asleep to our divinity. Think about it. You never knew what it was to be hungry when you were in your mother’s womb. Every need was immediately met until you became aware of limitation! Your desires are only a demand that is waiting to be fulfilled by the God in you! WOW and WOW! Isn’t that intriguing?

Just this morning, when I circled your name on my sacred prophetic prayer list, the Holy Spirit began to show me an intense picture of you reading over some documents that placed you under some real concern. Lavina, there’s a life demand that seems to be in need of divine supply, isn’t it?

Today, as you come to the revelation that the Lord is your shepherd, you shall not want, you will come to know that because God is in the SUPPLYING YOUR DEMAND business of BLESSING your life the moment you recognize His Divine presence within you as infinite Source! Lavina, a simple application of "simple faith" is your greatest measure to come into the massive awareness that you create your reality! WOW and WOW!

I’ve been sensing some interesting things about you during this season in the Spirit. You see, I know in the finite that there’s a sensitive relationship matter that demands productive and intelligent communication! God wants to SUPPLY you with INFINITE clarity! There’s a health issue in the finite that’s been kept under wraps that demands a touch from Dr. Jesus! God wants to SUPPLY you with INFINITE healing! There’s a financial riddle in the finite that demands quick attention in order to be solved! God wants to SUPPLY you with INFINITE increase. However, it all begins with you! Hallelujah!

Lavina, God is in the SUPPLYING YOUR DEMAND business of BLESSING your life when you awaken to your divinity! Please understand…

You write each and EVERY script of your current experience!
Your desires are only DEMANDS the God in you must SUPPLY!
Awakening to your DIVINITY exposes you to INFINITE SUPPLY!

Lavina, in this exact moment in time, whatever limitation, desire or demand you’re experiencing is only a result of your finite awareness. The moment you apply "simple faith" in accessing your DIVINITY, is the moment you become like an embryo whose every need is fulfilled inside the womb, because your demand shall be met with INFINITE SUPPLY!

Hallelujah! Tonight, I want to place your name on my ONLINE PROPHETIC PRAYER WALL, because the Lord says, this is a season where you’re going to begin to re-write the current script of your life through the awakening of your DIVINITY! Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus! You see…

Lavina, Hezekiah’s simple faith in God was the source and secret of his strength. The Lord says that as you apply "simple faith" in the word of the prophet on today, you are going to witness MORE LIFE over the course of the next 25 days that will begin to FREE you from the prison called an average life! Are you ready?
Lavina, as you respond to this letter in simple faith on today, I also see the hand of the Lord touching your body in a powerful way that will cause a phenomenal rejuvenation to take place in you over the course of the next 25 days! God is rewriting a negative report into a positive one as you apply "simple faith" today! Do you need a healing?
Lavina, the awesome favor of the Lord is sentencing you to the abundant life, because the Lord also says there is going to be FINANCIAL RELIEF that will begin to appear as a result of your efficient actions concerning an opportunity you will discover over this prophetic time period. It is vital that you utilize your spiritual eyes and ears to pick up on things in this season, because God wants to give you MORE LIFE not only physically, yet also financially and emotionally!

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The Lord says, "Be renewed in the spirit of your mind which is Christ in you, the hope of Glory! This is your season to be BLESSED, because every demand you encounter can ultimately be met with INFINITE SUPPLY as you awaken to your Divinity!"


Lavina, there’s a 25 (days) to life sentence God has placed upon you, because over the next 25 days, God wants to give you MORE LIFE, MORE JOY and MORE ABUNDANCE. I ask that you exercise "simple faith" on today and sow a https://zoeministries.infusionsoft.com/saleform/nathniifsffaith seed of $122.00 for Isaiah 12:2 https://zoeministries.infusionsoft.com/saleform/nathniifsf, because your renewed strength and salvation is going to be your song! Are you ready for what God is going to do for you in the next few weeks?
I have personally assigned a prophet to make contact with you to give you the vital word of the Lord concerning the next few weeks you’re about to walk into. There’s going to be some very important events you will want to be made aware that will add MORE LIFE to you and your household. Contact me immediately today about this!
I will also be adding your name to my ONLINE PROPHETIC PRAYER WALL, because I will be in fervent pray over the next 25 days for your situation! In fact, I ask that you send your online prayer requests to info@zoeministries.com so that I can have them tonight while I’m in prayer for you! Do you want me to go before the Lord for your situation?

Lavina, the moment I awakened to my Divinity was one of the most powerful moments in my life, because I realized that I was the manifestation of the ideas in my mind. Whenever lack and limitation presented itself in my experience, I understood that it was only appearing in my life because I was operating in finite thinking instead of "simple faith." It wasn’t until I awakened to my Divinity that I started to experience unlimited SUPPLY! I immediately began to experience certain people, places and even ideas as Divine resources, because I began to access the INFINITE SUPPLY within me!

Are you seriously ready to access the INFINITE SUPPLY that’s in you?


Lavina, I must get your prayer request before 12:00 AM tonight, as each night I will be activating my ONLINE PROPHETICH PRAYER WALL and going before the Lord for your situation! As you apply simple faith on today, you’re going to witness the beginning of what I prophesied in this letter over the course of the next 25 days! ACT NOW!

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