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The Shifting Winter Light
Dear Cathern,

We are just past the astronomical midpoint of winter, as my husband reminded me last night. The winter light is shifting slightly higher in the horizon and that gives a different feel to the daylight. Along with that change in light comes shifts in moods, attitudes and expectations: it is as if our bodies know that everything will be alright, as cold and darkness will yield to warmth and light. But our heads haven’t caught up and at times we may have profound unsettling feelings of the unknown of what’s next. The shifting winter light creates shifts from knowing to not knowing, to believing but not believing. And yet we do understand on some level that lightness is waiting ahead. Yes, we are still deep in winter. And we know spring will come. We can choose to be grateful.

I am indeed grateful that there are the changes of seasons. Although I complain far too much about the cold winters, the cycles of weather are an important reminder that we are inextricably connected to the Earth as well as the Sun and Moon. We may be able to escape to warmer locations (or cooler locations if that’s your thing). But we cannot escape the truth that our home and every animal and plant on it is tied together with the tides created by our planetary system.

I like to think of this time of year as an opportunity for two important tasks: looking for new ways to embrace the darkness and practicing patience. Finding ways to embrace the darkness may come easily to some of you and others not so much. And dealing with dark can be approached both literally and figuratively. Embracing the dark can be made playful by sharing activities with friends and loved ones indoors or out. Go to movies, find indoor put-put courses or consider bowling. Try cross-country skiing or snowshoeing and bundle up. Embracing the dark can be made to be soft and cozy and deeply introspective. Find a peaceful spot in your home to snuggle up with a fuzzy blanket, a cup of tea, perhaps a soothing book and lit candles. Maybe you will enjoy journaling about your experience, whatever it is.

Be kind to yourself as your patience gets tested many ways this time of year. You may find yourself unable to get around because of snow and ice. Sometimes you are even held captive in your own home. Patience is called upon. When you don’t think you can spend any more time going inward to reflect and plant seeds for the future, patience gets tested again. So you will be continually called upon to practice patience. And even though you know that change is inevitable, somehow you forget so you must practice believing that change will happen and that you will change along with the weather.

I bid you warmth and inner glow during these dark months.

xoxo Rachel
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