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ACLU Supporter, we can’t let history repeat itself.

Hi ACLU Supporter --

Ida B. Wells, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King, Jr. are iconic Black leaders, but back when they were mobilizing communities to fight for racial justice, our government targeted them as so-called "race agitators" and “subversives." Today the FBI is still targeting Black activists -- and together with our partners at Media Justice, we're taking action to do something about it.

While we fight in the courts, we need supporters like you to back us up. Over 30,000 activists have already signed our petition, and on July 17, we're delivering each and every one of those signatures to key members of Congress who have the power to check the FBI.

Add your name now to say loud and clear that the FBI must stop illegally targeting Black activists for surveillance and investigation.

The FBI is using the fake umbrella term "Black Identity Extremists" to group unconnected Black people in an effort to justify surveilling activists who, in the FBI's own words, “perceive racism and injustice in American society." The consequences of this flawed, baseless reasoning can't be overstated: Black activists will suffer even more harassment, distrust of law enforcement will heighten, and our right to protest will be violated.

The FBI's actions also ignore the very real need to fight violence by white supremacists, which is on the rise across the country -- spreading fear, hate, and putting lives in danger. If the past has taught us anything about protest, racial injustice, and abuse of power, we must fight back.

We have 6 days to make our voices heard, so we must act now: Sign the petition demanding the FBI cease the illegal targeting of Black activists for surveillance and investigation.

Let's not let history repeat itself, ACLU Supporter. Let's fight for what's right.

Thanks for taking action,

Nusrat Choudhury
Deputy Director of the ACLU Racial Justice Program

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