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When we first started blogging, I spent loads of time online, reading
"helpful" articles on how to grow my blog.

Every single article said:

"You need to constantly produce loads of content."

If this is something you've heard before...let me drop a bombshell on
you Noemi.

You DON'T NEED to write tons and tons of articles to build a
successful blog.

In fact, I recommend strongly against the whole "writing for the sake of
writing" and producing loads of articles is probably the biggest
blogging myth I have EVER come across.

I actually consider this one of the BIGGEST MISTAKES that I made when
growing Adventure in You.

So much wasted time writing loads of articles that don't really serve
us a purpose.

Because of this myth, we have over 674 articles on Adventure in You.

Yes, you read that right. 674...in two and a half years!

Please excuse me while I go cry in a corner.

"But Anna, it's worth it...look at your blog, you have almost half a
million page views per month!"

Sure, we have 500k page views, but in reality, maybe only 25% of these
674 articles are bringing us in views and serving a purpose.

If you've been given the same advice before...put down that pen (if
you're writing online, please don't drop your computer!)

No seriously. Do it.

I am so passionate about spreading this message that we even highlighted
it as one of the main points in our FREE blogging masterclass training

which is all about how you can make a full-time income from your blog
WITHOUT writing loads of content!

I know I'm not the only one in this boat because right after we give out
this training, I receive tons of messages from people who say thank you
because this strategy shift saves them SO MUCH TIME!

So if you haven't watched the training yet-sign up for it ASAP!

Rather than writing tons of blog posts, I want you to focus on creating
the right type of content which will attract the right audience.

As soon as we implemented a solid SEO strategy around our niche and the
words we wanted to rank for, our blog started to grow with a purpose and

Before you write any more articles for your blog, I want you to start
planning out an SEO strategy.

✅ Create pillar content and map out supporting content to help grow
your authority.

✅ Build links.

✅ Create a marketing plan for each article.

✅ Lastly, stop writing for the sake of writing.

Instead, focus all your effort on writing super keyword researched
articles that is focused on providing value.

Think about it.

You can spend your time writing okay articles that a few people might
read OR you can spend your time (think 3-5 days) writing one super long
informative piece that will make your readers go:

"Holy crap that was an awesome article, I need to read more from this

Hopefully, you learn from my mistake and that this email will refrain
you from going on a writing rampage similar to what I did.

Anna Faustino
Co-Founder of BloggingFastLane.com

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