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Hi Una40D40484,

Welcome to mmmSpecials!, THE LEADER in localized online marketing for Food/Drink Specials, Featured Entrees & Events. Please follow the setup directions in this email so you can enjoy the highest quality experience.

Below you will find your username and password which allows you to login to your user account and begin posting Specials & Events.

Username: Una40D40484
Password: 0BcE7vBg

1. Setup your Profile
- Click on My Account in the upper right hand corner of the screen
- Click Edit Profile
- Fill in all of the fields with the most complete information
- https://www.mmmspecials.com/edit-profile/

2. Your Nickname should be your establishment name that you would like to display to the public
- Choose the Nickname as the Display Name

3. Make sure you check the Directions box
- This allows users to navigate to your establishment or event destination via Google Maps!!!

4. Provide your links
- Be sure to add your Facebook, Twitter and Menu page links
- Site visitors will be able to click directly to your site

5. Avatar = Establishment Logo
- This is where you'll add your Logo image
- Name the image with keywords and your establishment name for better Search Engine Optimization
- ex: Ryans_Restaurant_Logo_Drinks_Food
- The ideal image size is 300w x 100h
- If no logo uploaded, the mmmSpecials! logo will appear

6. Membership Pack to Post Specials & Events
- An Active Membership is required to begin posting your Specials & Events
- You will be prompted upon posting your first listing

7. Update & Save
- Click the Update Profile button and your done
- You can always return and update your profile at anytime

That's it, seven simple steps to get started. If you have any questions, please just let us know.

Best regards,
Your mmmSpecials! Team

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