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At a certain point, the EV hype needs to settle down and theday-to-day issues need to take over. That is already starting tohappen, and we need to accept that compromises — from consumertolerance, to logistics, to top-down policy — need to be realistic.                                                                                                     At a certain point, the EV hype needs to settle down and theday-to-day issues need to take over. That is already starting tohappen, and we need to accept that compromises — from consumertolerance, to logistics, to top-down policy — need to be realistic. [Outsider Club logo]   Tesla Buyer’s Remorse Is Real and an Existential Threat [Adam English Photo] By Adam English[http://www.outsiderclub.com/editors/adam-english?utm_optipub=email-article&identifier=0a248d74029c6769ef123a9743d7e70d&utm_referrer=64]Written May 04, 2021It is one thing to get people to do something. It is another to havethem keep doing it.Call it recidivism. Call it buyer’s remorse. From weight loss tocrime, from convenience to addiction. It all looks the same.Sign people on, watch them realize it isn’t for them.Tell that to the electric vehicle — especially the purelybattery-powered EV — crowd.  “GOD CHIPS” ARE OUR FUTURESpecifically, I’m talking about microchips. It’s not a sexy storybut a necessary one that you need to know about. You see, with the advancement of artificial intelligence, 5G, andpretty much everything around us, there’s never been more of anoverload on our computing system.It’s crucial that microchips keep up with all these cutting-edgetechnologies.Thankfully, microchip developments are already underway so technologylike AI can work faster and more efficiently. There’s one company I’m looking at right now that’s leading thepack. The best part is this GAME-CHANGING COMPANY IS HOLDING 14,000 PATENTSFOR THIS TECHNOLOGY, AND IT’S CURRENTLY PREPARING FOR MASSPRODUCTION.This can turn a mere $500 INVESTMENT INTO _A FORTUNE._Click here to get the details...[https://secure.outsiderclub.com/o/web/322324?utm_optipub=email-article&identifier=0a248d74029c6769ef123a9743d7e70d&utm_referrer=64]To be honest, we deal with this all the time around here. Peoplesubscribe and unsubscribe to our free and paid newsletters all thetime. We don’t really like it, sure, but we’d have it no other way— it is purely up to you how much or how little you want to do withus.But there is no such thing as an endless march to 100% marketsaturation in a free market.No “told you so” or any haughty schadenfreude here, it’s justthe gap between expectation, be it from conviction or persuasion, andreality.It’s just as hard, or harder, to keep people excited about_ANYTHING_ once it has to transition to being a “ho hum” part oftheir lives, however small or large that may be.Tell that to Tesla and the other companies betting on a purelybattery-powered transportation future.There is certainly no doubt that whatever car or vehicle you use forpersonal or business reasons has an outsized presence in yourday-to-day.They’re expensive, they absolutely need to be reliable, and thenormal gas-driven variety could not be more convenient.Engines are cheap and durable. Fuel has been relatively cheap sincethe Great Recession and the last big oil price shock, and the lastthing people need when the timer is ticking to get somewhere is alengthy delay and cascading series of schedule changes and “sorryI’m tardy” calls.Look to California to see how that is working out for recent EVadopters.  Facebook Has Already Bet $50 Billion on ThisFORGET 5G — 2021’S BIGGEST GAINS WILL BE HEREMark Zuckerberg is no fool. So when he invests $50 billion in abrand-new technology, you'd better pay attention — especially whenventure capitalists have also plowed $45 billion in it. Apple andGoogle have quietly added it to more than 1 billion smartphones. Andthis exclusive video reveals why this new tech breakthrough is aboutto revolutionize the computing world... and make a lot of people veryrich. Early investors stand to make extraordinary gains of as much as9,910%. But you have to hurry — this technology is about to gomainstream. Click here now to get the inside story.[https://secure.angelpub.com/o/web/322331?utm_optipub=email-article&identifier=0a248d74029c6769ef123a9743d7e70d&utm_referrer=64]A new report published in _Nature_[https://www.nature.com/articles/s41560-021-00814-9.epdf?sharing_token=yMfQxg2m2GhHkG7cJCkj9dRgN0jAjWel9jnR3ZoTv0OdQo1MtvaTf2fRd9Yuvl4XeI57cinWGD0KaEwg1kf5TIgCT_U5gAvRGaMktA7Ny4zvNmaRx5ObIaP-5TZVzKzzAtP9mp5Sv0gJOQ_pFyjEahdvh839tJPqEwjraEdUo3xXbCixgopW281lFugRhWmTj-1pitDp57_dKcPPblFeJg%3D%3D&tracking_referrer=www.vice.com],a scientific journal that should need little to no introduction, looksat just that topic.In the aptly named “Understanding discontinuance amongCalifornia’s electric vehicle owners” article, it is clear thateven the early adopters, presumably those most enthusiastic or atleast in areas where barriers to EV adoption are considerably lower,are hitting a wall of what they find tolerable.To boil it down, UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studiesresearchers surveyed 1,727 Californians who bought plug-in EVs between2015 and 2019 and found that _roughly 1 in 5 have already replacedtheir EV vehicles with gas-powered vehicles_.This casts serious doubt on the public’s appetite to accept andcontinue using plug-in EVs, even as California the new Bidenadministration, try to force 100% adoption of radically differentpersonal transportation.One of the biggest reasons — big surprise — is charging. Thosewithout a faster, newer-generation “Level 2” charger at home weretwice as likely to switch back to gas from hybrid or pure plug-inpowered vehicles. Some of that is going to be cost. Some of that is going to be personaluse. But regardless of the source, it is clear that policy makers, EVhypers, and theoretical adoption rates based off of initial rates arewildly divorced from reality.Sure, some of this will change with some new tech, and some moreinfrastructure. But until people get several-thousand-dollar freebattery packs and wiring upgrades at home, there is little hope forthe enthusiasm, and rate of adoption, that we’ve seen so far for EVsto persist.  DR. FAUCI BACKS NEW COVID TECHNOLOGY (20-CENT STOCK TO SOAR)[https://www.angelnexus.com/o/web/322337?utm_optipub=email-article&identifier=0a248d74029c6769ef123a9743d7e70d&utm_referrer=64]Incredibly enough, Dr. Anthony Fauci is backing a new COVID-fightingtechnology.He says it merits “serious consideration” and even uses ithimself. It’s not a vaccine, but that hasn’t stopped other experts fromgetting behind it...The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) just greenlighted this device orreopening schools and businesses.And the FDA is on board too, lifting regulatory restrictions to deploythis everywhere.One tiny tech stock owns all of the patents on this technology.For a brief window, you can buy it for $0.20 per share.Click here for the full story.[https://www.angelnexus.com/o/web/322337?llotc=2&utm_optipub=email-article&identifier=0a248d74029c6769ef123a9743d7e70d&utm_referrer=64]What is needed is something in between plug-in EVs and gas engines.People cannot and/or will not refinance their homes to install theproper charging stations at home.They cannot find them out and about in the public. They cannot or willnot wait hours somewhere to get a decent charge.Already the concept of rewiring entire cities — don't forget thecost of property to fit a bunch of cars on a lot for hours at a time— is prohibitively expensive. “Fast charging” only addsmultiples to that cost now, and isn’t going to magically eclipse theolder, slower style by 2030 or 2050, wherever you want to set the goalpost.What people need is a clean source of energy that mirrors gasinfrastructure. One that works with existing businesses andinfrastructure.At a certain point, the hype needs to settle down and the day-to-dayissues need to take over. That is already starting to happen, and weneed to accept that compromises — from consumer tolerance, tologistics, to top-down policy — need to be realistic.Thankfully, there is already an option on the board, and its growth isincredible.[https://secure.outsiderclub.com/o/web/322420?utm_optipub=email-article&identifier=0a248d74029c6769ef123a9743d7e70d&utm_referrer=64]Take care,[adam english sig]Adam English[follow basic] [https://twitter.com/AdamEnglishOC] @AdamEnglishOC onTwitter [https://twitter.com/AdamEnglishOC]Adam's editorial talents and analysis drew the attention of senioreditors at _Outsider Club[http://www.outsiderclub.com/?utm_optipub=email-article&identifier=0a248d74029c6769ef123a9743d7e70d&utm_referrer=64]_,which he joined in mid-2012. While he has acquired years of hands-onexperience in the editorial room by working side by side withex-brokers, options floor traders, and financial advisors, he isacutely aware of the challenges faced by retail investors afterstarting at the ground floor in the financial publishing field. Formore on Adam, check out his editor's page[http://www.outsiderclub.com/editors/adam-english?llotc=2&utm_optipub=email-article&identifier=0a248d74029c6769ef123a9743d7e70d&utm_referrer=64]. _*Follow Outsider Club on Facebook[https://www.facebook.com/jointheoutsiderclub] and Twitter[https://twitter.com/OutsiderClub]. _  Browse Our Archives Yum!'s Post-Pandemic Future Is Looking Bright[https://www.outsiderclub.com/yum-s-post-pandemic-future-is-looking-bright/98995?utm_optipub=email-article&identifier=0a248d74029c6769ef123a9743d7e70d&utm_referrer=64] Biden's American Families Plan Is a Cheap Swing at the Rich[https://www.outsiderclub.com/biden-s-american-families-plan-is-a-cheap-swing-at-the-rich/98985?utm_optipub=email-article&identifier=0a248d74029c6769ef123a9743d7e70d&utm_referrer=64] A (Short) Investor’s Guide to the Shortage of Everything[https://www.outsiderclub.com/a-short-investor-s-guide-to-the-shortage-of-everything/98982?utm_optipub=email-article&identifier=0a248d74029c6769ef123a9743d7e70d&utm_referrer=64] Will Cryptos Kill the Banking Industry?[https://www.outsiderclub.com/will-cryptos-kill-the-banking-industry-/98964?utm_optipub=email-article&identifier=0a248d74029c6769ef123a9743d7e70d&utm_referrer=64] Reality Is Catching Up With Potential[https://www.outsiderclub.com/reality-is-catching-up-with-potential/98948?utm_optipub=email-article&identifier=0a248d74029c6769ef123a9743d7e70d&utm_referrer=64]-------------------------This email was sent to brandiconnors1351@hidebox.org. 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