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Some people didn't get this - I want to be sure you're not left out!

** You understand, right ?
I know, I know - technology :) Who doesn't love a small snafu?

If you already got my post-webinar email, this one has an update - the replay link is live now, below.

If you didn't get this, or you got the invitation after the webinar registration closed [insert face-palm here], please accept my apologies and keep reading - you'll get everything that webinar attendees got!


Thank you
so so much for spending an hour with me talking about The Online Course Rx! (If you didn't, you can still catch the replay, and participate via the FB group - all the details are below.)

Here's what I learned about you:

1. You already know that having a successful digital/online/virtual course would change your life. You know it's a hundreds-of-billions-of-dollars-and-growing-fast industry. With the right plan, you can earn substantial income teaching what you love.

And what would that income mean for you? You know it would give you the economic freedom to make some other choices at work that would make your life more balanced and fulfilling. Yep.

2. You're concerned about how long creating a course will take, how much tech/integrations cost, whether you're going to be overwhelmed with those tech/integration parts, how to do market research, how to price your content, and whether you can pull off the marketing and selling part of the launch!

But, you do already understand that if you believe in your work, and you know it has value, that marketing is really doing a good thing. You're providing a much-needed service, and naturally people earn a living by doing exactly that! Right?

3. You are keenly aware that physicians have to play by different rules, and we have unique considerations when it comes to professionalism, liability, and our online activities and businesses. That's why a standard course by a garden variety marketing expert just isn't quite right for you.

You told me that you are worried about 'too-many-decisions' distraction and tech/digital overwhelm, and that imposter syndrome is paralyzing you. You also have concerns about liability and ruining the integrity of your professional brand. So smart, so insightful, so important.

Yay! We totally understand each other. I get it. And I value your insights so very much. Already I can see how I will polish up this course content to match exactly what you and our physician entrepreneur colleagues need.
I promised that I'd follow up with these three things:

First, here's that link to my recommended tech resources (https://marjoriestieglermd.us8.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e7ca8e726a9950d2cf032dd01&id=95714bbee2&e=091f1060a6) , most of which are directly related to websites, video, and courses.

Second, I promised a l (https://marjoriestieglermd.us8.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e7ca8e726a9950d2cf032dd01&id=988b7bb3bf&e=091f1060a6) ink to the replay (https://marjoriestieglermd.us8.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e7ca8e726a9950d2cf032dd01&id=4175b59f06&e=091f1060a6) https://marjoriestieglermd.us8.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e7ca8e726a9950d2cf032dd01&id=eb470e8adf&e=091f1060a6 you can watch again, or watch parts you missed.

Third - please do continue to leave feedback on these concepts in the facebook group (https://marjoriestieglermd.us8.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e7ca8e726a9950d2cf032dd01&id=e3663bf00f&e=091f1060a6) (much preferred over my avalanche of email - thanks a million!).

I'll be having another session soon, and I want to ensure that the folks who are most interested and engaged get spots - so don't be shy!

And now that you've seen a bit what this is all about, please share it with your friends who might be interested in giving feedback or learning more - just forward this email or use the Facebook and Twitter icons below to post it on social media. I don't mind :)

Talk soon!
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