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This is Vince from Yiwu TengWei Garments Co., Ltd.
We supply all kinds of scarf (both summer and winter) for many years.
Please contact for our new catalog.
Your any reply will be highly appreciate.

PS: The sender address of this email only use to send our new styles to our customers. For future, we will use dscarf@163.com to contact you. So,Please help to CC your email to dscarf@163.com

Yiwu TengWei Garments Co., Ltd --New company Name which we will use in the future.
Yiwu CH Import & Export Co., Limited --Old company name, we will not use since June 1, 2020.
Phone: 0086-13486940008
Fex: 0086-0579-89913892
Business email address: yiwuch1@vip.163.com ;dscarf@163.com
Contact Name: Vince Chen (陈小华)
Add:Room701, unit1, Buliding18, zizhuyue,Suxi, Yaangguangda Road, YIWU City, zhejiang Porvince, China

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