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It's Sunday night.

Tomorrow morning the work week begins again, which means, right
now your mind may be falling into the Sunday Night Blues!

Before you get too deep into the blues though, PAUSE!

The Sunday Night Blues are simply our minds playing tricks on us,
by creating unnecessary worry about what the week, especially
Monday Morning, may hold.

How do we let go of the worry & anxiety? How do we stop our minds
from playing tricks on us? Well, we take control of our thoughts
through a mindful practice!

Now, you may have just read that and thought, ¨I can't sit still!
Sitting in some sort of meditation or mindful practice is going
to give me MORE anxiety!”

We hear you! And, we get it! Sitting still doesn't always work!
BUT you can engage in mindfulness in MANY different ways -
including movement!

SO! Whatever you are doing, whatever you are worrying about…
Pause, and take 30 seconds (yup, that's all!) to watch the video
below & follow along!

(We may have created our mindful movement videos with the kiddos
in mind, but EVERYONE can benefit from them, and you may just
find yourself releasing some stress through laughter too!)

As you follow along, make sure you that you are BREATHING! Moving
with your breath creates a connection to your brain & body, that
creates a sense of calm & safety within your mind.

* All of the mindful movements have an UP motion & a DOWN
motion.* INHALE on the UP & EXHALE on the DOWN!

* Do each movement for 3 rounds before moving on to the next*
(Feel free to do more than 3 rounds if needed!)

* After moving, stay standing & take a minute to notice how you
feel. * Take a few more deep breaths & exhale out the mouth.


( https://youtu.be/ciQK-qSzlR8 )

Return to your evening more present & relaxed, knowing that you
now have a tool to help you get through the Sunday Night Blues!

AND! You also have a new BRAIN BREAK activity that you can share
with your students tomorrow!

Find more Mindful Movement
brain breaks! (

🍏Happy teaching!

Emily, Amy , and Tatum


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