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Good day! What mood at you? I for the first time write the similar letter. I am a little I am confused! My name Yuliya. I live in a city Voronezh. It known a city in the European part the Russian Federation. My age28 years. I optimistical and purposeful the girl. Still I fearless because without boldness, I never have not dared to write this letter. I ask you to give me pair of minutes of your time! I am assured, that my letter will be interesting to you! I just have received recently yours electronic box through a site of acquaintances. I assume, what you just as also I search here second half, it so? If I am right I wish to write you a little about itself and to tell to you, for what reason I search relations in social networks. I wish to test my destiny and to try to find the person through the Internet because to me it was not possible to meet in my city adequate the man who was able to appreciate the woman. Men in Russia to concern the woman as to a thing and do not reflect that the woman too has heart. I hope, that you responsible the man whom quite seriously search here for the the significant other and is able to see in the woman not only external data, but also soul! I hope, that you will write me the answer so I can even more to tell about yourself and to send to you mine a photography! I wait your answer that to continue our acquaintance. , Yuliya

Warning: the message above can be a phishing scam. See: legal notes