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Dear MoveOn member,

First, Katie Porter shredded JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon for being
unable to explain how his bank tellers can live on minimum wage.^1

Then, she forced Trump's CDC director to deliver universal free COVID-19

And last week, she took Big Pharma CEO Mark Alles to school using her
whiteboard, showing the nation how he jacked up the price of cancer drugs
to get himself massive bonuses and pay increases.^3

But what's perhaps most amazing about Katie Porter is that she's the first
Democrat EVER to represent her Orange County-based, historically
conservative district.^4 And as long as Katie holds that seat, she will be
a top GOP target for defeat.

It's not enough to beat Trump. If we're ever going to deliver real change,
we need fierce champions like Katie in Congress, pushing for progressive
legislation. That's why MoveOn is raising money right now to help Katie
fight off her Republican opponent. And I'd also like to introduce you to
two new rising progressive stars in tight races, both from my beloved home
state of Texas, that both Katie and I have endorsed: Candace Valenzuela
and Mike Siegel.^5

[ https://act.moveon.org/go/145407?t=1001&akid=279770%2E42619966%2E-IGd2N ]Will you chip in $3 to help elect Katie Porter, Candace
Valenzuela, and Mike Siegel? 100% of your donation will go to their

Candace Valenzuela is running to flip a district just outside of Dallas
from red to blue. She knows what it's like to struggle, having experienced
homelessness as a child. She fought to beat the odds, going to college on
a scholarship and then winning a seat on her local school board. She would
be the first Black Latina ever elected to Congress and will fight to
protect kids from the hardships she faced growing up.^6

Mike Siegel is a civil rights attorney who has spent his entire career
fighting for workers, immigrants, and others who have been left out or
left behind. He's running in a suburban Houston district that was
gerrymandered to elect a Republican 10 years ago. But with Mike's
inspiring campaign  and Donald Trump's dumpster fire presidency, Mike has
a great shot at winning.^7

Katie Porter has shown how much of an impact one member of Congress can
have if they're willing to stand up and speak truth to power. That's why
Republicans are working tirelessly to beat her. She's their absolute worst

But we need more fighters like Katie in Congress—and that's what Candace
and Mike will be.

These are the races we need to win to not only expand the Democratic
majority in the House but to achieve real change, with Democrats who can
stand up and persuade voters to get behind commonsense progressive reforms
like lowering drug costs and raising the minimum wage.

Republicans will spend whatever it takes to defeat Katie Porter and any
other proud progressive who tries to join her. That's why we need to have
their backs.  

[ https://act.moveon.org/go/145407?t=1002&akid=279770%2E42619966%2E-IGd2N ]Donate $3 now to help elect strong progressives Katie
Porter, Candace Valenzuela, and Mike Siegel to Congress. 100% of your
contribution will go directly to their campaigns.

Thanks for all you do.

–Julián Castro


1. "Lawmaker Challenges Big Bank CEO by Showing Him Math," NowThis News,
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2. "'Not good enough’: How Rep. Katie Porter’s relentless questioning led
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7. "Mike Siegel, Progressive-Populist in Texas House Race, Qualifies for
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