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 Agents/Brokers -  Kick off your 2020 marketing with Realty Times banner ads!  $125 per month or  $299 for 3 months  Learn MoreToday's Articles to Share Brought to You by Realty TimesWhy Do Lenders Sell Loans?The mortgage industry sometimes refers to as a “goodbye” letter. In essence, it’s an advance notice that a homeowner’s mortgage has been sold and transferred to another entity. For many, this might be somewhat surprising...READ MOREPost to Social Media: Homeowner Associations And Their BudgetsDiamonds in the Rough
Many homeowner associations find it difficult to hold the line on expenses. Inflation erodes endlessly increasing budgets and members scream for relief. But help is on the way. There are practical ways to reduce costs without cutting services. The HOA's budget is like a collection of uncut gems of different type, size and quality...READ MOREPost to Social Media: 2020 Vision: Multifamily Predictions for the Next DecadeAs with the beginning of any new year, many multifamily thought-leaders will have been publishing content about the trends they expect to see in 2020 - but bigger than just a new year, 2020 also ushers in the start of a new decade. With the pace at which tech is moving, it will be interesting to see where the multifamily industry goes not just next year, but into the next 10 years...READ MOREPost to Social Media: Quote of the Day"A problem defined is half solved...READ MOREPost to Social Media: Question: In checking trust deed documents in the county recorder's office, you will find that the recorded deed of trust refers to standard clauses contained in a previously recorded trust deed. This previously recorded trust deed is known as a:...READ MOREPost to Social Media:

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