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A team of Auditors set up by the Presidency, Foreign Contract Payment
commission has discovered an outstanding payment due to you by one of
the banks here and has reported it to our bank for immediate action.

Our bank has called for reasons for non-payment and was informed that
you were unable to pay the statutory charges, and that there are counter
claims on this same money.

Presently there are two different interest groups known to be lobbying
for the payment of this money into two different accounts and we do not
know which of these groups is truly representing you. You are therefore
required to confirm to u s in reply to this mail which of the groups is
your true representative, if any.

You are also advised to be wary of anybody that promises to help you get
your money. You do not need any special assistance to receive your
money, especially now that the Presidency has restated her resolve to
adhere strictly to the mode of payment stipulated in the Anti Corruption
Bill (ACB).

There will be no incredible and unofficial methods of payment in this
case. The system of settling debts in Nigeria is the same as in your
country and anywhere in the world. We oblige you to suspend any legal
action you have considered taking against the bank or individual/s or
the Government of Nigeria because of the delay. Answering the following
questions will help our bank to facilitate your payment:

1. What problem are you having in receiving your money?
2. Do you owe any Bank, company, persons, or group of persons in
Nigeria.Henceforth, get clarification ion from the undermentioned
officer before contacting any other office or person in this matter.

Note that your local representative/s may not be welcomed by our bank to
avoid further complications.

While thanking you for your endurance till now, we promise to fulfill
our part as early answer get your respond to this letter and also take
the right steps.

Yours truly,
Mr. Godwin Emefiele
For the Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)