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Good day! Nice to know that you are on the market of LED products ,We have many years experiences to produce power supplies. Hope my email finds you well.

We now have cheaper price design, with good quality for some models. Please kindly check following unit price (based on quantity 2000pcs each model.):
5V 2A adapter: USD1.35
12V 1A adapter: USD1.32
12V 2A adapter: USD2.02
12V 3A adapter: USD2.55
12V 4A adapter: USD2.69
12V 5A adapter: USD3.52
12V 6A adapter: USD3.89
This is our good quality design with enough current,only print CE on the label..

For 12V 1A and 2A adapter, we also have cheaper price.
12V 1A: USD1.09
12V 2A:USD1.50
All prices above are based on quantity 2000pcs each model.

Would you like to evaluate our samples in advance? If you have any requirement or need any models, welcome to inquiry us for more information.We are looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,