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Dear purchasing manager,Good day! I am Sara from Shenzhen Swaroniki Technology.Can you Help me forward this mail to your purchasing department. It's very urgency. Thanks!!! 
We now have cheaper price design, with good quality for some models. Please kindly check following unit price (based on quantity 2000pcs each model.):5V 2A adapter: USD1.3512V 1A  adapter: USD1.3212V 2A  adapter: USD2.0212V 3A  adapter: USD2.5512V 4A  adapter: USD2.6912V 5A  adapter: USD3.5212V 6A  adapter: USD3.89This is our good quality design with enough current,only print CE on the label.
Any power supply needed, welcome to contact us for more information.We can provide you samples to test and compare the quality, if you need it, please contact us,too!
Best regards,Sara