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Dear friend, Good day to you!Your reliable source for Plate and Gasket for Heat Exchanger! We would like the opportunity to be placed in any bidding you have. We can guarantee quality as well as competitive pricing 4-5x cheaper than OEM.Over 1000 models, some as below: Alfa LavalM6MX, MA30M, MA30S, A10B, A15B, AX30B, AM10, AM20, AM20B, EC500, P01,   P31, TL35B, T20S, AC400, AC600, C3, TS35P, AQ80.GEAVT20P, VT40P, VT40M, VT80M, VT130, VT405, VT805, VT1306, VT2508,   NT350, NT500, CT193, FA161, FA184.APVA145, B110, B134, B158, Q030, Q055, Q080, P105, P190, TR9, M107,   M185, R6, R8, R10, SR6, SR9, SR14, HX, HMB, O034, SR23PV, K55, K71, FunkeFP04~FP80, FP81, FP100, FP120, FP130, FP205, FP405.SondexS04A~S201, SF11, SF25, SFD13, SFD22, S35.TranterGX7, GC8, GC9, GX118, GX140, GX145, GX205, GX265, GF97, GF187,GF205ThermowaveTL50~TL850.VicarbV4~V170APISIGMA7, SIGMA9, SIGMA27, SIGMA36, SIGMA37, SIGMA114, SIGMA156,   SIGMA229, STAR45, STAR90.HisakaLX01, LX20, LX40, LX50, LX60, UX10, UX20, UX30, UX40, UX80, UX90,   UX100, RX11, SX40,.LHEHT101, HT102, HT103, HT104, HT231, HT232, HT233, HT234, HT150, HT151,   HT152, HT153 We have own R&D department and can accept OEM and ODM. Looking forward to hearing back from you with any needs.Best regards, ErnestSales Engineer

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