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Dear Purchasing manager,We are one of leading manufacturer and exporter of Phytosphingosine in China.
The super quality of ourproducts have been well acknowledged by Many customers, especially some world famous skin care companies.
Efficacy:Moisturize and cortical cells repair themselves.(1) the source of lipids that constitute the water-locking barrier in the cuticle;(2) Strong antimicrobial barrier, especially for Propionibacterium acnes and Staphylococcus aureus;(3) A natural inflammatory regulator that inhibits a variety of inflammatory cytokines (IL-1-alpha and PKC).Widely used in skin care products, eye care products, anti-aging products, anti-inflammatory products, anti-acne and atopic dermatitis products.
More details,pls contact us!
Thanks & Beat RgdsDavid JQ Lin / PresidentShanghai Golden Wave International 1042360172@qq.com +86 138 0169 5566

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