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Dear Friends,
We Manufacture
1. Silicon carbide ceramic foam filter2. Alumina ceramic foam filter3. Zirconia ceramic foam filter4. Honeycomb ceramic filter5. Fiberglass mesh filter
About us:We are a manufacturer of ceramic filters and a professional company specialized in researching, developing and producing consumable ceramics and refractory products for foundry industry and metallurgical industry. Our company was founded in 2013 with an area of 15,000 square meters and houses 200 employees.With years of strenuous efforts, we have become a leading company in foundry materials industry. This is also made possible by the help of our technician’s and hardworking teams. We keep four tops in mind: technique, product, quality and service. Scientific and technological innovation is the psyche of our company.Relying on our technology center, we have successfully developed ceramic foam filters, fiberglass mesh items, ceramic tubes, and refractory materials for aluminum foundry.Kindly send your requirement and quantity.We can supply you filters with best and  Kind services.
Best regardsTracy

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