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Hi TherePlease let me introduce myself and my business.This is Lisbet from Xiamen Aozhibo Sports goods manufacturer,Our advantages stand out in two aspectsFor new brand initial stage and growth type brand In order to be more flexible in response to the current market trend of online sales on the Internet, our company adjusts its strategy to order 50 pieces based on the basis of customers' design and development to jointly open up the sales market. Quick feedback of goods production is also essential. If you happen to have a purchase demand for sportswear, We have a very low starting quantity and excellent quality.please contact me,Mature brands and professional sellersOur company has been developing for nearly 30 years, and we also have purchasing plans for large companies. If you are a large company, We have perfect quality control system and cost management system, which will make the products have good price and good quality,you can also contact me,In the end, I would like to say that we respect all the designs provided by our guests and keep them confidential, so as to create an orderly and standardized market environment,Best regardsLisbet

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