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Dear my friend,
Good day!
Thanks for opening my email. Could you please give me only two minutes to let you know the
advantages of our factory?Thank you very much!

I am Echo from aerosol manufacturer-Shenzhen Sumchem Technology CO., Limited.
1, Our factory enjoyed 25 years aerosol manufacturer experienced in China.
2, We have our own independent laboratory and professional engineers can customize the products
you really want and satisfied.
3, We are a factory not a trading company. All the prices are reasonable and direct.We have a
special inspection team to ensure that all your goods are qualified and excellent.
4, We have a professional dangerous goods export logistics team, to ensure that your goods can be
the cheapest shipping price and the most secure way to reach your destination.
Welcome to visit our factory at any time if you are interested.

Best regards,
Shenzhen Sumchem Technology CO., Limited
Add: Xuisha Road,Kenzi,Pingshan District,Shenzhen, China
Tel: 0755- 28450594