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Hi Sir/Madams,
Glad to know that you are on the market of LED products. We are professional manufacturer of waterproof power supply and have more than 8-years experiences in power supply industry.
Following is some information for parts of our waterproof power supplies:
1. Certification: CE FCC ROHS
2. Rated: IP67
3. Unit price (based on 500pcs-1000pcs)
20W: USD5.79
30W: USD7.04
36W: USD8.29
60W: USD9.38
80W: USD10.94
100W: USD14.85
120W: USD16.88
150W: USD19.54
200W: USD23.75
250W: USD27.35
300W: USD29.69
We also have other models. If you need, please let us know.
What models you are currently using? Do you mind sending me the specifications and your requirement? So I will immediately evaluate how we can help you.
We look forward to receiving your inquiry.
Kind regards,