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we are Reach Hardware And Tools (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, a professional tool company that produces gardening and hardware tools. The main products for the garden tools, irrigation products, gardening hardware accessories, construction supplies, home decorations and so on.
Our service first, reasonable prices, prompt delivery and other excellent reputation, has been in the tool industry in the high-end.
Our products are excellent quality, have their own brand at the same time to some well-known European and American suppliers. (CALSS OHSON, BM, COMAFE, TRYUN,)
All of our products are in line with Europe and the United States international certification, UL, GS, TUV, ROSH, ... all products in strict accordance with the certification requirements specified production. At the same time based on your request, organize products to meet your needs, replenish the product line to improve market demand.
Hope to have the opportunity to work with you
Thanks & RegardsJacky

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