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Dear friend;
Our company is a Export Service company And also do Factoring service in China and have been in this fiel for 10 years;
Here is our service :1.Save Money,we have a lot of reliable and good quality sourcing from original factory ,it can save 1/10 than you can purchase by yourself. 2.You can get a Purchasing credit Card from our company after 5 or more deal records . It means you can buy at once and pay later to those factories. It makes you do more business than before.3.We have the Factory inspection and Loading monitor Service for you to save the financial risk. 4.You can have a staff special for your needs. Like a office in China. You control every step for your business. It is good for you like develop new items , find some new factories. 5.You can buy mixed items and use our warehouse. it is free for you;6.We can help you to visit the factories .booking hotel.translation etc.
For more information you can email to me.

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