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Shen Zhen Power Technology(China) Co. Ltd., is professional on manufacturing,Products are mainly exported to the United States, Japan, Pakistan, Britain, Germany, India, South Korea, Brazil, France, Ireland, and many other countries.
Advantages and Characteristics :
1. Stable quality, price advantage, complete after-sales service.
2. Price Advantages blew:
Power adapter :12V1A 5rmb   12V2A 8rmb   12V3A 11rmb   12V5A 15rmb   12V8A 26rmb   12V10A 35rmb
power charger :5v1.2a 3.5rmb   5v2.1 6rmb  5v2.4a 7rmb
switching power supply :12v10a 36rmb   12v20a 46rmb   12v30a 55rmb
We have offered OEM, ODM services for customers from all over the world for many years,Looking forward your consult!

Best regards,  Cassie

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