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Dear ,Below Endress+Hauser are the available items in our inventory for sale.It would be really good if you have a look, price must be better than your local suppliers.Description  Order  CodeUltrasonic  level meter 5m  FMU30-AAHEAAGGFUltrasonic  level meter 8m  FMU30-AAHEABGHFPH/ORP  Transmitter  CPM223-MR0005PH/ORP  Transmitter  CPM253-MR0005PH electrode  CPS11D-7AA21PH electrode  CPS11D-7BA21PH electrode  CPS11D-7BT21PH electrode  CPS12D-7PA21PH electrode  CPS71D-7TB21cable CYK10-A101cable CYK10-A051Dissolved  oxygen transmitter  COM253-DX0005PH  transmitter  CPM253-PR0005Conductivity  transmitter  CLM223-CD0005Multi-parameter  transmitter  CM442-AAM1A2F010A+AKMulti-parameter  transmitter  CM442-AAM2A2F010A+AKDissolved  oxygen transmitter  COM223-DX0005Ultrasonic  level meter 5m  FMU40-ARB2A2Ultrasonic  level meter 8m  FMU41-ARB2A2Ultrasonic  level meter 10m  FMU42-APB2A22AUltrasonic  level meter 15m  FMU43-APG2A2Ultrasonic  level meter probe  FDU91-RG2AAUltrasonic  level meter probe  FDU92-RG2AUltrasonic  level meter FMU90-R11CA111AA3AUltrasonic  level difference meter  FMU90-R11CA212AA3AUltrasonic  level meter  FMU90-R11CA131AA3ATurbidity  probe  CUS71D-AA1ADissolved  oxygen probe  COS41-2FDissolved  oxygen probe  COS41-4FPH electrode  CPS11D-7BT2GDissolved  oxygen probe  COS61-A1F0Turbidity  probe  CUS51D-AAD1A3Dissolved  oxygen probe  COS61D-AAA1A3PH  transmitter  CPM253-MR0105Dissolved  oxygen probe  COS51D-AS800Welcome  to send us inquiries.Best Regards,Gafee FangGreat System Industry Co., LimitedAddress: Room A, 10/Floor, Seaview Plaza, No. 18 Taizi Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen ChinaTel: 86-755-26850711 (Dir.)Fax: 86-755-26850713WECHAT:gafee-fang

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