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Dear friend,

The company specializes in hose clamps and pipe clamps as well as custom parts

(1)?American worm drive hose clamp W1 / W2 / W4;
(2)?Stainless steel quick release hose clamp;
(3)?Germany worm drive hose clamp W1 / W2 / W4;
(4)?Super bolt / T-bolt hose clamp;
(5)?Mini hose clamp / Ear hose clamp;
(6)?Rubber lined P type hose clamp;
(7)?Heavy duty pipe clamp with rubber;
(8) M7 pipe clamp
(9) Strut clamp / Sprinkler clamp;
(10) Conduit clamp for EMT / RGD
(11)Custom parts: High-precision parts, CNC parts, Turning parts, Stamping parts, Forging parts, Plastic & Rubber parts and Assemblies according to customers’ drawing and specifications.

Applications: Aviation, Automobile, Motorcycle, Agricultural tractor, Construction, Engineering machinery, Communication, Furniture, Hydraulic etc.

any need please

Sincerely yours,

Ningbo June Hardware Limited