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Attention Beneficiary,

 Hello and how are you today? How is your family? Hope everyone is
safe at this time, you may be surprised why this mail is coming to
you. We have been having series of meetings for the past months which
ended 2 days ago with the secretary to the African Union. I am Mr.
OFFICER. Please note that this is about the ongoing Covid-19 grant
support program, This is to support all the citizens with small
businesses all over the world, as you know many businesses have either
closed down for public safety or suffered revenue losses, due to the
lockdown.  For this reason; the AFRICAN UNION COMMISSION in
collaboration with the IRS has agreed to compensate them with the sum
of US ($950,000.00) only, which aims to help their businesses also to
cover operational costs such as staff wages and rent.

We found your email in our list among the individuals who will be
receiving this fund that is why we are contacting you, these have been
agreed upon and have been signed. You are advised to contact our
paying center, contact them immediately for your compensation fund of
USD $950,000.00 USD only, so they will deliver it to you directly to
your home with your provided address.

Therefore, you should contact Mr. Bruce Williams with your full Name,
your direct telephone number and your correct Postal Address where you
want him to send you this your Fund with a copy of your identity card,
so get in contact with Mr. Bruce immediately is very important and get
everything resolve with him for your Fund to be send to you without
any delay.

Contact information below.

Mr. Bruce Williams.
Financial Director
Email: < bw608486@hotmail.com >

We will request you to get back to us as soon as you have received and
confirmed your package.

 Best Regards.
 Mr. Julius Gay.
(For African Union Commission).
PO Box 3243. Addis-Ababa , Ethiopia.

Warning: the message above can be a phishing scam. See: legal notes