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Dear friend,This is Eva from Hunan Maxsee,produce CAYCH DIY foam hand soap.CAYCH first DIY foam hand soap, make kids more happier and healthier.Not only a hand wash foam for kids, but also a gift & toy, and a love & care to kids.1 concentrated hand washing bead + 1 bottle + 250ml water = CAYCH DIY magic foam. Gift packing, with various tools to make bubbles from the DIY foam, full of joy. New conception, new product, great demand, high repurchase rate, high profits. 1 bead + 1 bottle, lighter weight, easier and cheaper for distributor shipping and resell.Popular in kids toy store, gift store, maternal and infant store, schools, amusement park,Kids care center, kindergarten, etc.The Children’s day is coming, are you ready for kids gift?We’re looking for distributor now, if you start now, you shall become the first and only one!Best regards,CarinaViber | Whatsapp:0086-15874247515

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