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Are you interested in any of these following premium services for
your team?
1. 20,000 prospects from your targeted events/tradeshows at $1,000
2. Email Campaign tool with 50,000 email sending credits at $199
3. 100,000 email sending by us at $250(includes list rental, send
campaign, tracking, sharing opens and clicks)
4. 5,000 LinkedIn leads from your target audience at $500
5. At $599 - Promotional video creation and publish for your
6. 2,000 phone calls to generate leads or set appointments for your
company using your script at $1,000
7. Update your existing database with fresh data at $499
8. 50,000 whatsapp and SMS sending to your target audience at $500
Please let me know if you want to know more.
Susan Taylor
Marketing consultant
+1-(678) 745-8385

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