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Dear friends:
Hope Everything goes well with you ,and wish you are safe and healthy ! In the special period, please stay at home and wear the face mask when you are outside.
Our factory produces below disinfection products, which can effectively kill many different Virus, please see the below details for it
1. It is Disinfectant Generator that can produce the Disinfectant
2. Only need add water and Salt into it to get Disinfectant
3. it have titanium alloy in our product and it will have chemical reaction with water and salt together to get Disinfectant
4. for our product have been passed our local Gmicro testing that can be International recognition
Water and salt are be reduced to sodium hypochlorite (NaCLO) by electrolysis, and the disinfectant fluid with sodium hypochlorite is Acknowledged efficient Bactericide which can kill different Bacteria and Virus with Strong Function of Sterilization and Deodorization
We hope to be a partner of your company
E-catalog or price sheet will be provided if needed
Email me or Just call me directly .Thank you !
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Best regards,Brent AllayWeChat:13510492591

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