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Bogo Ends Wednesday Use Coupon Code CLUTTERFREE to Save 20% www.FlyLady.net 101 Uses for our Purple Rags BOGO is Ending for Silver and Purple Rags Dear FlyLady, Yesterday my husband and I traveled to see old neighbors at their new home. I had just received my new purple rags I ordered and and as we left my house, on a whim, I stuffed one into my purse to take on the plane. After my husband ordered a can of tomato juice, he accidentally knocked it over onto his lap. We were way in the back in economy with little space to navigate and he was so embarrassed! I pulled out my purple rag and we cleaned it up in a jiffy! He was impressed with the absorbency and effectiveness. Fortunately, his pants were dark so not a horrible aftermath, but he was able to dry himself off and be comfortable the rest of the flight without disturbing other passengers. Thanks for saving the day! FlyBaby T Silver and Purple Rag Bogos are Ending on Wednesday FlyLady here: This has happened to a lady in front of us on a plane once. I will never order tomato juice while traveling. The lady was dressed in white! What a mess! Right now our purple rags are on a BOGO! And you don't even need a coupon code. If you need a coupon code here is it. CLUTTERFREE! This will save you 20% on many items that are not already deeply discounted! Do you have a testimonial for me? Send it to FlyLady@flylady.net with CHRISTMAS WAS STRESSFREE in the subject line. FlyLady's Tools Make Great ClutterFree Gifts CLUTTERFREE CLEANING SAVES MONEY CALENDARS Get Rid of CHAOS YOUR FAVORITE BOGO You are not behind! I don't want you to try to catch up; I just want you to jump in where we are. O.K.? Decluttering Gently in 2020 Teaches Us That Enough is Plenty! Sign up for FlyLady emails FlyLady Premium ‌ ‌ ‌ FlyLady | 132 Commerce Street, Brevard, NC 28712 Unsubscribe gordonrichey@hidebox.org Update Profile | About Constant Contact Sent by flylady@flylady.net

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