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Hey evamoses029602,

I'm sure you know already, but the power behind the search engine is phenominal.. But how do you take advantage of the search engines ? That's a great question right ?..

Well, you need to have content.. Having content for the search engines to crawl enables you to generate organic traffic without even paying for it.. That's pretty powerful right ? and receiving organic traffic can enable you to generate more leads and more sales..

So how does this come into play at MNU and with our Course Creation Centre.. Well it's simple..

Everytime you create a course and start constructing units, you're actually creating pages that are being crawled by Google, Bing and Yahoo webpage crawlers. These little guys are indexing each curriculum, units, and quizzes and what this is all means is that when somebody types in a specific search query, Google will deliver the most relevant content to that user, and this is how you to start getting search engine traffic.

The more courses you create, the more opportunity you have to generate sales, and because MNU has over 4000 pages indexed already and climbing, receving over 3000 hits a day and climbing... MNU is beginning to have authority in the search engines.. What this means is our content will start to outrank other websites and the courses you create will be pushed to the top of the line in the search engines..

Does this all makes sense ? Great....

So, can you see the power in creating your own content, that can potentially make you money and have you positioned as an authority figure.. It's pretty simple to start creating.. You don't need to worry about hosting, site maintenance or anything else.. You only have to worry about putting content together and we will do the rest...

Speak soon..


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