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Email Address ( westernunion11212@gmail.com


Hello My Dear,

How are you today? Hope all is well with you. I am writing to inform
you that the reason why you did not receive your $10.5M USD for a
while is that we lost your contact and it was on Friday morning last
week that we found your payment form in our office and from there we
got your email address to reach you now. After the last meeting held
with the Federal Ministry of Finance concerning this matter, The
Finance Minister gave order to transfer your fund through Western
Union money transfer $5000.00 2 times per day that means you will be
receiving $10,000.00 each day until your payment is over. Now, the
fund was handed over to the Western Union Office this morning to start
transferring your fund immediately with immediate effect. Note that
you will be receiving $10,000.00 each day and first payment of
$5000.00 will come
to you in the morning by 9:30 am while the last payment of the day
will come to you at 5: pm in evening.

Below is the information to contact Western Union office and you are
advised to contact them immediately you receive this email and also
reconfirm your information to them to enable them to release the
necessary information for you to receive your fund without making any
mistake on it.

Contact Person Mr Richard Ben.
Email Address ( westernunion11212@gmail.com
Note that the administrator payment needs these details from you to
process your payment:

Your. Country----------------------------------------------------
Your. City-----------------------------------------------------------------
Your. Tel-----------------------------------------------------------------------
Your. Test question------------------------------------------------------------
Your. Answer-------------------------------------------------------------------------
Your. Passport ---------------------------Your.

Comply with Mr Richard Ben now because as soon as you sent this
required details to him, he will start sending your payment by Western
Union office, Call or send SMS to; +2347030660137

Thanks You.

Warning: the message above can be a phishing scam. See: legal notes