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"As usual, Chris Kimball has the answer: replace hours of culinary labor with dramatic, high-flavor ingredients..." ― NPR
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Dear Milk Streeter,

Everybody I know wants to change the way they cook. Quicker. Bolder. Better.

And, stepping into the kitchen should be fun, knowing that in short order you are going to produce something that is far beyond what you thought you could create even a few months ago. You have gone from good cook to great cook. Here is what one member has to say about Milk Street.
“Milk Street changed my cooking and my life. I used to like to cook and now I truly love it. The bold fresh flavors of Milk Street and the easy recipes make cooking fun again!” — Tim C., Milk Street Subscriber
How is this possible?

It’s actually simple. You try Milk Street as a print and digital member and get immediate access to the recipes and techniques that changed the way you cook forever.
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Print and digital members get digital access to ALL of our magazine recipes and articles.

First off, let’s talk about the recipes. You get all of our magazine recipes and articles going back to the charter issue in 2016. Milk Street Magazine is published 6 times a year and members have advance access to every article and recipe on the day new issues are mailed to subscribers.
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Every Recipe. Any Time.

You also get every recipe from ALL of our cookbooks including Tuesday Nights (Winner of the 2019 James Beard Award), New Rules and our annual TV Show cookbook. Plus we will be adding recipes to your collection this year with our new books, Fast & Slow (Instant Pot recipes) and Cookish, recipes with 6 ingredients that you can just throw together.


Access to Every Episode.
You can stream every episode from all 3 seasons of our television show, which travels around the world looking for better ways to cook, and you will receive access to all of the recipes from the show. Travel to Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Mexico, Beirut, Paris, Morocco, South Africa and dozens of other countries with us. (By the way, Milk Street Television has won an Emmy Award for each of its first two seasons for Outstanding Directing for a Culinary Program.)

Listen On Demand.

Our weekly radio show, Milk Street Radio, is broadcast by over 220 stations nationwide. Listen to interviews with top chefs, investigative reporters, cookbook authors, and journalists plus our regular contributors from Dan Pashman of The Sporkful podcast to Alex Aïnouz, mad food scientist from Paris. Stream over 130 episodes and get access to all of the recipes featured on the show.


Every Issue Delivered to Your Door.
Print/digital members also receive Milk Street Magazine every two months full of the recipes, tips, travel stories, techniques and information that will change the way you cook. Here is what one subscriber has to say…
“I feel like I’m learning to cook all over again, and I would have said I was a good cook before! Cannot recommend this magazine highly enough.” — Katie J., Milk Street Subscriber
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Access to Our Award-Winning Website.

Our award-winning website makes searching for and using recipes a pleasure.

• Featured recipes include step-by-step photos or videos.
• All recipe articles from Milk Street Magazine are available online.
• You can easily copy ingredient lists and paste them into your own to-do list app or notes to make shopping easier.
• You can save your favorite recipes for easy access.
• Our website is designed for smartphones, as well as tablets and desktop computers.
• Print out recipes easily, including a color photo of the finished dish.
• Digital subscribers can comment on recipes.
• Digital subscribers can post questions, get answers and reply to other posts in our Q&A section.
• Our site also includes an online store offering hard-to-find products and ingredients from around the world.

Milk Streeters know that they are better cooks because they get immediate access to the wisdom and experience of home cooks from around the world. How to use water instead of stock. How to make a better stew without sautéing meat. Why you should scramble eggs with oil, not butter, for fluffier eggs. How to poach chicken without using a sous vide. How to make your own “house” spice blend to instantly upgrade your cooking.

Try Milk Street as a print and digital member (https://177milkstreet.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=27d86f080b903d5a8913aa032&id=a93a5c5a29&e=bbc6665f10) for 12 weeks for just $1 and change the way you cook almost overnight. You will get immediate access to the wisdom of home cooks from around the world to start cooking bolder, fresher dishes tonight!

You also get access to on-the-ground, first-hand cooking advice from from our travels around the world so that you can make polenta with almost no stirring, risotto in 15 minutes, ragú Bolognese without dairy (as it is made in Bologna), or pesto the right way with more basil flavor. And you can throw together a chicken soup, an open-faced omelet or stir-fried rice with 1,000 different flavor combinations almost with your eyes closed.

Whether you are using your iPhone at the supermarket, your iPad at home or your laptop at work, you can find just the recipe you want for dinner, ask a cooking question and get an answer, or order the world’s best soy sauce, peanut butter, chiles or olive oil with just a few clicks. It is that easy to become the best cook you know.


As our thank you for trying Milk Street today, you will also receive a free copy of our special digital issue, “12 Recipes that Will Change the Way You Cook”, which includes a simple method for cooking perfect chicken, a beef stew that requires no searing, a foolproof creamy pasta sauce and a better way to bake a brownie.
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When you try Milk Street, I will also send you our special digital publication, 12 Recipes that will Change The Way You Cook. If you are looking for a simple, reliable method for cooking chicken, you will find it in our White-Cooked Chicken recipe from China. Also, an ingenious technique, straight from Rome, for producing creamy pasta cheese sauces (think Pasta Carbonara and Cacio e Pepe) using a secret ingredient, cornstarch. A beef stew that requires no searing of meat and no stock yet produces amazing, full flavor with less work. And a new way of producing the best brownie using a common ingredient from the Middle East. This is easier, bolder cooking the Milk Street way.

Years ago, I was taught that cooking was mostly about technique. That may be true for a pastry chef but for home cooks, great food is less about technique than it is about having the imagination to put together flavors and ingredients to turn ordinary recipes into great ones. Here at Milk Street we travel the world so that you can benefit from our experience, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Simply put, to become a great cook almost overnight, all you have to do is try Milk Street as a print and digital member, receiving 12 weeks for just $1. Try the recipes, watch the shows, listen to the podcasts and ask the questions. Cooking will become fun again because you will turn out dishes so fresh and bold that you will actually amaze yourself!
See you right here at Milk Street!


Christopher Kimball
Founder, Milk Street
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Christopher Kimball founded Cook’s Magazine in 1980, hosted America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country TV shows for 16 years, founded the Who’s Who of Cooking in America and is the founder of Milk Street at 177 Milk Street in Boston.

Christopher is the author of six books including The Cook’s Bible, The Yellow Farmhouse Cookbook and Fannie’s Last Supper, the story of creating an authentic 12-course meal from The Boston Cooking School Cookbook. The documentary, Fannie’s Last Supper, is available on Netflix.


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