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“You don’t need years of cooking school to become the best cook you know. All you need is $1, a skillet, a knife and a burner.”
— Christopher Kimball
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Join Milk Street today and I’ll show you how to skip hundreds of hours of “learning” and years of trial and error to become the best cook you know, practically overnight, for just $1 for 12 weeks. This offer ends soon.*
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Dear Milk Streeter,

I was wrong. I thought I knew how to cook. I had French training, cooked from Julia Child and Fannie Farmer. I made great stews and biscuits, Sunday roasts, pies and cakes, and had mastered a handful of “other” recipes, a tagine from Morocco, Chicken Biriyani from India, and a few stir-fries.

As I traveled the world, however, I realized the millions of home cooks from Chiang Mai to Marrakesh, from Ikaria to Oaxaca were getting food on the table in less time and with a lot more flavor. It slowly dawned on me that time and flavor are not necessarily related. By using spices, herbs, chilies, fermented pantry sauces and a whole range of new techniques (Sichuan cooking has 59 different cooking methods), I could cook better and faster.

That’s why I founded Milk Street – to change the way you cook. To make it simpler and faster, to make it bolder and brighter, to bring more flavor and pleasure into your home kitchen each and every day.

So quickly in fact, that one of our cookbooks Milk Street: Tuesday Nights — is filled with recipes that can be made in 45 minutes or less. Folks liked the recipes so much that it won the James Beard Award for Best General Cookbook.
Join Milk Street today (https://177milkstreet.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=27d86f080b903d5a8913aa032&id=db80f6af6c&e=2a3925c6c1) for just $1 and get everything Milk Street has ever produced—and will produce—while you’re a member.
As a member of Milk Street, you get immediate access to everything we have to offer from TV shows to radio podcasts, from recipes to videos, from tips to techniques and our online Q&A forum. Plus, you also receive a print subscription to Milk Street Magazine.

Get digital copies of every issue of Milk Street Magazine ever published... And 6 new issues per year when you join today!

Milk Street Magazine covers a lot more than recipes.

Each issue offers simple, home-friendly recipes from around the world to add bold flavors to your cooking without more work and with nothing more than basic cooking skills. Each issue also provides Instant Pot recipes, quick recipes for midweek cooking, cookbook reviews, tips and techniques, and food travel stories from Istanbul to Oaxaca, from Vietnam to Morocco.

JOIN TODAY FOR $1 (https://177milkstreet.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=27d86f080b903d5a8913aa032&id=eb76704ba9&e=2a3925c6c1)
“As usual, Chris Kimball has the answer: replace hours of culinary labor with dramatic, high-flavor ingredients... it almost makes you wish every day could be Tuesday.” — NPR

“A solid, eclectic group of recipes that is built for working into your own weeknight rotations.”— Washington Post
With 38 years of kitchen experience, I know how to deliver recipes that really work.

The first step to becoming a great cook is to use recipes that have been perfected with the home cook in mind so that you are guaranteed of success in the kitchen, even when you are making a recipe the very first time.

Get every recipe Milk Street’s ever created—And will create—when you join today!


When you join Milk Street today, you’ll get every recipe we’ve ever created or published—recipes from all of our cookbooks, all Milk Street TV episodes, all Milk Street Magazine editions and every episode of Milk Street Radio!

You’ll explore fresh, exciting new approaches to cooking that are full of surprises and really fun to do at home. And, you’ll get step-by-step instruction, and I’ll be with you every step of the way.
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“Once you experience a well-produced cooking class, the others just don’t cut it.” —Joanne

“What a great way to spend a day learning about cooking and some wonderful recipes you wouldn't do on your own!” — Deb

“I LOVE the Milk Street recipes and my husband and I use at least 1 recipe a week.” — Denise G.

“This certainly changed my thinking about food and food preparation. I am looking forward to surprising my kids with what I learned.” — Tom
Access every Milk Street TV episode ever produced—and will be produced over the next season—when you join today!

Each Milk Street TV episode gives viewers the chance to meet cooks from around the world and to see how their inspiration results in the new home cooking. It may be a new way to use spices, a simpler way to cook chicken, a fresh combination of ingredients, or tricks and techniques that turn everyday food into something special.

Join us on our culinary quest to transform the way America cooks—and eats.

Cooking is about a lot more than food. It’s about finding out what you are capable of. It’s about a craft—using your hands, skills and experience to create something wonderful, something that can be shared with friends and family. For me, it is transformational. Becoming a really good cook, an exciting cook, can actually change your life.
“A celebration of joyful any-day meals that'll give your routine a welcome boost.” — Tasting Table

“Easy weeknight recipes with an international twist... Tuesday Nights starts with big-flavor ingredients and combines them to maximum effect.” — Boston Globe
Listen to every Milk Street Radio episode ever produced—and will be produced—when you join today!


From street food in Thailand to a bakery in a Syrian refugee camp to how one scientist uses state of the art pollen analysis to track to the origins of honey (and to solve cold murder cases), Milk Street Radio goes anywhere and everywhere to ask questions and get answers about cooking, food, culture, wine, farming, literature and the lives and cultures of the people who grow, produce and create the food we eat.


As our thank you for trying Milk Street today, you will also receive a free copy of our special digital issue, “12 Recipes that Will Change the Way You Cook”, which includes a simple method for cooking perfect chicken, a beef stew that requires no searing, a foolproof creamy pasta sauce and a better way to bake a brownie.
JOIN TODAY FOR $1 (https://177milkstreet.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=27d86f080b903d5a8913aa032&id=9d305a0a1c&e=2a3925c6c1)
It isn’t often that someone offers to change your life for just $1. I would say that it sounds too good to be true. But, believe it or not, the right recipes based on lessons learned from around the world can in fact turn you from a good cook to a great cook. A few new rules – use water for stock, don’t brown your meat for stews, cook your grains like risotto, and make salads from herbs, not just greens – can instantly make you a better cook. Just knowing how to select spices and boost their flavor can make all the difference.

So join with me and the gang at Milk Street and let us take you on a journey around the world, a trip that will open your eyes to a faster, simpler way of putting food on the table.

It might just be the best $1 you will ever spend!

Christopher Kimball
Founder, Milk Street
JOIN TODAY FOR $1 (https://177milkstreet.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=27d86f080b903d5a8913aa032&id=da28d49cb8&e=2a3925c6c1)

Christopher Kimball founded Cook’s Magazine in 1980, hosted America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country TV shows for 16 years, founded the Who’s Who of Cooking in America and is the founder of Milk Street at 177 Milk Street in Boston.

Christopher is the author of six books including The Cook’s Bible, The Yellow Farmhouse Cookbook and Fannie’s Last Supper, the story of creating an authentic 12-course meal from The Boston Cooking School Cookbook. The documentary, Fannie’s Last Supper, is available on Netflix.


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