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Dear Sir/Madam,Share the Thermal imaging temperature measurement walk through with you.the time in the tavern at Casablanca when he had played the hand game with the great negro from Cienfuegos who was the strongest man on the docks. Product FeaturesHe had probably started to talk aloud, when alone, when the boy had left. But he did not remember. Temperature accuracy: ±0.3 ℃Temperature measurement distance: 1m~5mPreliminary screening of human body temperature, fever alarmDetect the body temperature of 20 people at the same timeMetal detection: a paper clip size metal can be detected, effectively verifying illegal items;Multi-zone alarm function: Max 18 zones.So he did it. It was difficult in the dark and once the fish made a surge that pulled him down on his face and make a cut below his eye. Product details will be sent if you need.Environed by them, while the Woodman and the Farmer worked unheeded, those two of the large jaws, Thanks and have a good day.

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