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Hey Cruz,

Hope you enjoyed the cheat sheet we shot over yesterday.=C2=A0 As promis=
ed, more awesome tools to help you on your journey to
online course domination are here with this new video series/workshop on=
creating, promoting & profiting from online

You can check out the first video right here: 10 Reasons Why You Should =
Create An Online Course!

Over the past 6 years our CEO and Founder, David Siteman Garland, has he=
lped over 5,000 experts around the world how
to=C2=A0create, promote & profit from their own online course on every t=
opic imaginable from=C2=A0baby sleep training to
snowboarding (and even aerial silks...seriously).
In this workshop/video series he's going to show you how=C2=A0to do the =
same (and have a ton of fun along the way) based on
the same proven=C2=A0process that he used to go from 0-1-million=C2=A0in=
online course sales in less than=C2=A024 months (and the exact
same process used by The Rise To The Top's amazing students).

And unlike a bunch of other video series' and workshops out there that a=
re full of fluff and tons of video about how
amazing the creator's lifestyle is (cars! cash! beaches!) this workshop =
is different....because ready for this
one....(get ready to be shocked *sarcasm*) David will actually be teachi=
ng you all kinds of good stuff. Shocking, right?

Super excited to have you and=C2=A0strap yourself in for a heck a ride :=

- The Rise To The Top Team

PS: In the 10 reasons why you should create an online course video
1spFV/P/P/9m>) (<https://therise.ontraport.net/c/s/swa/dMY2UghO/z/zSS/=
there is a super important question at the end. Make sure to answer it i=
n the comments below the video (and if you have
any other questions or comments make sure to leave 'em there as our team=
will be hopping in like a frog, or a bunny, or
something that hops).=C2=A0

PPS: Keep an eye on your email for much more delicious goodness.=C2=A0



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ses (and cry a little
inside). Think long and hard about it ;)
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