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Post : Worker protections seen at risk in Trump health care shift
URL : http://nationalpost.com/pmn/pmn-news/worker-protections-seen-at-risk-in-trump-health-care-shift
Posted : June 13, 2018 at 3:13 pm
Author : The Associated Press
Tags : AP
Categories : PMN News, PMN World

WASHINGTON -- Legal and insurance experts say the Trump administration's latest move against "Obamacare" could jeopardize legal protections on pre-existing medical conditions for millions of people with employer coverage.

Workers in small businesses would be most at risk.

At issue is Attorney General Jeff Sessions' recent decision that the Justice Department will no longer defend key parts of the Obama-era Affordable Care Act in court.

That includes the law's unpopular requirement to carry health insurance, but also widely supported provisions that protect people with pre-existing medical conditions and limit what insurers can charge older, sicker customers.

Two independent experts say that wording in the administration's legal brief appears to be taking aim at provisions of the ACA that protect people in employer plans.

Administration officials offer no immediate rebuttal.

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