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Post : Woman accused of attacking store clerk in NH, throwing bag of charcoal at police officer
URL : http://whdh.com/news/woman-accused-of-attacking-store-clerk-in-nh-throwing-bag-of-charcoal-at-police-officer/
Posted : May 16, 2019 at 9:16 am
Author : Owen Boss
Categories : Local, New Hampshire, News

A Manchester, New Hampshire woman is facing an assault charge after police say she attacked a store clerk with a bottle of wine during a rampage through a gas station during which she threw a bag of charcoal at a police officer.

An officer responding to a report of a woman throwing items around the Kenoco Gas Station on Elm Street about 8 p.m. Wednesday found 25-year-old Beth Whittaker pacing in the back of the store before she picked up a bag of charcoal and threw it at him, according to Manchester police.

The officer said he deployed his taser but it had no effect on Whittaker, who proceeded to get a large glass bottle and hold it over her head like a club.

After the officer placed her under arrest, the store clerk told him that prior to the attack, Whittaker entered the store, picked up a few items and ran out the door.

She began tearing up the store when he pulled her back inside by her backpack and told her he was calling the police.

The store clerk suffered a bloody nose but declined medical treatment.

Whittaker is expected to be arraigned Thursday in Manchester Circuit Court on charges of first-degree assault, criminal threatening, criminal mischief, threat by unauthorized taking, resisting arrest, and violating bail conditions.

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