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Post : Weather forecast for Thursday 14th June. A very breezy day, becoming brighter with sunny spells, risk of patchy light rain, 18 c.
URL : https://cannockchaseweather.co.uk/weather-forecast-for-thursday-14th-june-a-very-breezy-day-becoming-brighter-with-sunny-spells-risk-of-patchy-light-rain-18-c/
Posted : June 14, 2018 at 5:53 am
Author : Steve Hopley

This is the weather forecast for Thursday 14th June and the outlook for Friday 15th for the Cannock Chase, Trent Valley and surrounding area.

The morning. (Sunrise 04:44)

A cloudy, very breezy start to the day with the temperature around 14 c.

Remaining very breezy with the clouds fragmenting at times to allow some brighter spells, very low risk of a spot of rain.

The afternoon.

Turning brighter with some decent spells of sunshine through the afternoon. There is a low risk a light shower. The winds will start to decrees too. Today's top temperature reaching 18 centigrade.

The evening and overnight. (Sunset 21:33)

Bright end to the day with a low risk of a well isolated shower. Temperature overnight just falling in to single figures down to 9 centigrade.

Outlook for Friday 15th June.

Bright start gives way to increasing cloud with chance of showers, 17 centigrade.

To see live data from my Davis weather station located in Norton Canes click on this link. https://www.weatherlink.com/embeddablePage/show/ed2fc54c158345b9bc1ac89743962864/signature

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