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Post : Varsity baseball coach at Gardner High School fired over ‘intolerant comments’
URL : http://whdh.com/news/varsity-baseball-coach-at-gardner-high-school-fired-over-intolerant-comments/
Posted : May 15, 2019 at 4:49 pm
Author : Frank O'Laughlin
Categories : Local, News, Worcester

The head of public schools in Gardner says the city's high school varsity baseball coach has been fired.

Superintendent Mark Pellegrino did not detail exactly why the coach was let go but "intolerant comments" apparently factored into his termination, according to a statement released Wednesday.

"The district will not confirm or deny the reason for his termination, but we do believe that people who make intolerant comments, regardless of intent, do not have a place in our schools or coaching our students," Pellegrino said. "While this situation is unfortunate for the team, we are very lucky to have student players with strong character, and a supportive parent network."

No additional information was immediately available.

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