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Post : UAE Team Emirates’ Tadej Pogacar in control after UAE Tour Stage 3 win
URL : https://middle-east.timesofnews.com/country/uae/uae-team-emirates-tadej-pogacar-in-control-after-uae-tour-stage-3-win.html
Posted : February 23, 2021 at 10:29 pm
Author : Times of News
Tags : uae
Categories : UAE

Instead, from a position of strength he sat on Yates’ wheel and then skipped away from him over the final 400m. The Briton almost overhauled him on the line and the pair finished on the same time of 3hrs 58min 35sec. Almeida and the chasing group crossed the line 48 seconds off the pace, leaving the Quick-Step man in third overall at 1min 03sec.


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