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Post : Fire accidents in Sharjah drop by more than half, Civil Defence response time 5.1 minutes in 2020
URL : https://middle-east.timesofnews.com/country/uae/fire-accidents-in-sharjah-drop-by-more-than-half-civil-defence-response-time-5-1-minutes-in-2020.html
Posted : February 24, 2021 at 12:28 am
Author : Times of News
Tags : uae
Categories : UAE

Currently, there are 13 Civil Defence stations in the emirate, including three points (smaller operating units). Four new station will enter service during 2021. These new stations will be in Kalba, Al Dhaid, Maleiha and in the Industrial Area. In 2020, six new fire engines and 172 firefighters joined the fleet.


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